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Benefits of Pre/Intra/Post Event Massage

Pre-event Massage

Pre-event massage treatments are generally short and invigorating designed to prepare the partaker for high-intensity or long-duration activities.

The main purpose of a pre-event massage is to stimulate, energise and loosen skeletal muscles without decreasing the partaker's psychological focus or causing any significant physiological changes.

As a therapist, our aim is to achieve any combination of the following benefits:

· Increase circulation, flexibility as well as mental clarity in order to improve our clients performance.

· Relax our client where excess nervousness or excitability is present.

· Stimulate the sympathetic response that will help increase the oxygen uptake at a cellular level and therefore delaying the onset of lactic acid accumulation.

· To increase muscle temperature, pliability and generally prepare our client for stretching in order to compliment their usual warm up routine.


Intra-event Massage

Intra-event massages are designed to reduce the likeliness of muscle tightening and cramps.


Post-event Massage

Post-event massage can vary in length of time but are

generally used to aid recovery following any strenuous activities that have been undertaken. The purpose of the post-event massage is to help decrease muscle tone and to help restore a normal range of movement.

The delivery of a post-event massage is designed to improve circulation and aid the removal of lactic acid and other metabolic waste products from the muscles thereby promoting faster recovery after activity.

Post-event massage has also shown to:

· Reduce the stiffness and soreness associated with intense physical activities - also known as DOMS, delayed onset muscles soreness.

· Facilitate a faster return to training and/or other competitions.

· Help partakers to unwind from any mental demands they experienced before or during the event.

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